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April 17, 2021

Construction of the first MRO center for Mil helicopters in the Caspian region will be completed by the end of the year

An agreement on cooperation in the repair of Russian helicopters in Azerbaijan was reached between Silk Way Helicopter Services and the Russian Helicopters holding in 2016. The idea of creating a fully functional service center capable of performing repairs (up to overhaul) on the basis of the airline arose after the development of the field repair of the first helicopter.

Recently, the service center of ASG Helicopter Services (until July last year — Silk Way Helicopter Services) completed another overhaul of the Mi‑8AMT helicopter (tail number 4K‑AZ72 AMT), owned by the Baku air carrier. The overhaul was carried out jointly with specialists from the Russian aircraft repair plant No. 356 (part of the Helicopter Service Company) from the city of Engels. This is the second overhaul of a helicopter of this type in Azerbaijan. The construction of an enterprise for the overhaul of Mil helicopters, the first in the region, began in 2020. Despite the global crisis caused by the pandemic, the project is being financed in full, ASG Helicopter Services emphasized. Completion of construction is planned by the end of this year. The service center, which will be equipped with modern repair equipment, will be located on the territory of Zabrat airport (IATA: ZXT), 10 km from Baku. The production facilities will allow to cover not only the country’s helicopter fleet (civil and departmental), but also the aircraft of operators of the countries of the entire Caspian region. Azerbaijan expects that this will become the basis for a new stage in the development of the country’s aviation industry.