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July 7, 2020

Narrow-body crossovers as a factor in the recovery of the air transportation market


According to a recent study by the analytical company Cirium (formerly Flightglobal Consultancy), the fastest recovery of air traffic is in the segment of narrow-body aircraft with a capacity of 70-150 passengers. This class of aircraft is commonly called narrow-body crossovers, because they are in the transition segment between regional and medium-haul aircraft.

According to Cirium, as of the third decade of May 2020, 45% of the available aircraft fleet in the 70-150-seat segment has returned to service worldwide, while only 38% of the aircraft available in the airline's 30-60-seat and over 150-seat segments have been operated. The corresponding proportions differ significantly across the world's regions, but the leading positions of the crossover segment are maintained everywhere. Thus, in Europe, 23% of crossovers returned to service, while the share of aircraft in the 30-60 seat segment was 22%, and in the 150+ seat segment-15%. In the Asia-Pacific region (it should be noted that Cirium for some reason does not have data on China), the share of crossovers in operation reached 49%, smaller cars-31%, large-33%. In North America, the share of crossovers in operation was 57%, smaller aircraft-41%, large-39%.

Cirium data does not just show that crossovers with a capacity of 70-150 seats recover faster than planes with a capacity of 30-60 and 150+ seats.

A comparison across the world's regions shows that the gap widens as traffic recovers. In Europe, where transportation has so far recovered the weakest, the lead of crossovers in comparison with other classes of aircraft is only 1-8 percentage points, while for the Asia-Pacific region and North America, this gap is already 16-18 percentage points.

Is it possible to conclude that narrow-body crossovers by their characteristics of capacity and range of flight were the most suitable class of aircraft for the restoration of air transportation? What was the situation in the transport market before the pandemic and how did the coronavirus infection affect it? Which markets are recovering faster? Will we see that passengers avoid hubs and prefer direct flights? How is the situation developing in the Russian and CIS markets?

Pawel Skuteli, Airline Marketing Manager EMEAat Embraer, will find answers to these and other questions in his speech at the online conference Air Transport Restart. The event will be held on July 16.

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