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June 19, 2020

Make a fresh start. How to restore air transport?


Air transport is the industry with a continuous production cycle. And to restart air transportation after almost complete suspense is even more difficult than starting a stopped metallurgic plant. Air travel is very dependent on purchasing power and passenger confidence, along with many technological factors. Under these conditions, airlines and airports need to actively exchange experiences and inform the professional community about their activities.

One of the key stages of a successful restart the industry is to restore passengers confidence that was almost completely lost. «Open processes and honesty with passengers is the key to recover confidence to the industry after such a widespread and painful crisis,» said Boris Rybak, CEO of Infomost Consulting.

Therefore, we call up everyone to participate in the international online conference Air Transport Restart, which will be dedicated to the most urgent problems of restoring the air transport industry. The event will be held on July 16, 2020.

One of the most significant parts of the conference is the panel discussion «Airlines Fleet: Priority Issues», which will include a live interview with Pawel Skuteli, Airline Marketing Manager EMEA at Embraer. Embraer is a partner of the conference.

Aircraft fleet is a key operating asset for airline, but now it brings a lot of worries:
• How to manage freight capacities in the short and medium term?
• What is happening with leasing rates for various types of aircraft?
• Does it now make sense to invest in the latest generation high-tech aircraft?
• Will the demand for regional aircraft and medium-haul vehicles of reduced capacity increase? Is a «window of opportunity» being formed for Russian SSJ100?
• Aircraft Maintenance: Features of the Moment and New Challenges
• Is a win-win relationship possible in the current situation? Could a flight hour fee system become the most profitable billing system?
• Could the crisis open up new opportunities for airlines that previously could not replenish the fleet with good technology?

All of these and so much more will be discussed in an interview and panel discussion, in which top managers of airlines, leasing companies, maintenance service providers and aircraft manufacturers are invited.

The air transport industry has never experienced such a difficult crisis. Solve problems better together.

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