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September 9, 2019

Improving the quality of passenger service — and how technologies are contributing to this


Even more so today, it is increasingly important for airports and airlines to build a complementary platform together and work in such a way as to efficiently and effectively serve the incoming passenger traffic, even though the inconsistency of volume levels tends to rise and fall.

A good current example of this inconstancy happened in March this year when, according to figures released by IATA, the growth of passenger air traffic showed a decline of 3.1 per cent over the past nine years. Yet, in the same year, the volume of passenger air traffic in Russia in March increased by 16.7 per cent in annual terms, according to the federal air transport agency. In such a scenario, the optimal use of human resources becomes a difficult management problem and that is when technology may come to the rescue. In this regard, the air transport sector faces a number of issues and challenges for which it is necessary to find the best solutions.

What technological additions are needed today and will be required in the future? How to transform them into mobile solutions? What tech formulae can be especially useful for regional airports?
Within the framework of the Airport of the Future conference is a separate session dedicated to an array of special reports and a panel discussion devoted to this topic. Participants will be able to listen to a live discussion about these urgent issues and exchange views with leading experts in the aviation business.

Jean-Francois Lennon of Vision Box, will talk about a seamless passenger experience brought about by unique individual identification; and Tessel Severs from NACO will share the vision of the airport version 4.0. S7’s Pavel Voronin will talk about the advancement of control through biometric identification; and Roman Doronin of EORA will introduce the technology of chat-bot — which can greatly simplify the process of buying tickets.

Alexey Yarosh is the moderator and independent expert in the panel discussion, where leading Russian experts will speak. Among them are:
• Dmitry Zvonarev, Director of Strategic Development, Azimuth Airlines
• Rostislav Petrov, Head of Sales Management Department, RusLine Airlines
• Konstantin Demanov, Independent expert
• Igor Gaponov, Deputy General Director, IT, Sheremetyevo international Airport
• Evgeny Minin, Operational Director, Simferopol International Airport
• Yuliya Gudoshnikova, Head of Passenger Service, Simferopol International Airport
• Nikolay Bandurov, Head of Projects, Krasnodar International Airport

The Airport of the Future is an updated format that now includes the 10th annual Ground Handling Russia and CIS conference. This special transformation of the conference has allowed us to expand the topics, the list and range of speakers and the audience.

The expo zone has also already confirmed:
• Ural Plant of Deicing Materials (UZPM)
• Hofmann
• Cavag
• Aviatechsupply

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