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June 20, 2019

Case Study from Istanbul: Why ORAT is the key to a successful, smooth opening of what will be the world’s biggest airport

A modern airport is a highly complex arrangement of a huge number of very different synchronised technological and business processes – where any failure can have serious repercussions. Putting into operation such a complex system, whether it is a new terminal or an airport as a whole, is a massive and daunting challenge.

To overcome the possible pitfalls, the ORAT (Operational Readiness, Activation and Transition) methodology has been developed. It is a programme of operational readiness, with the commissioning and transference of operating activities to an entirely new infrastructure.

Stephan M Schvolgin, ORAT consultant at Istanbul’s IGA Airport, will inform participants at the 10th International Conference and Exhibition Airport of the Future how this actually works, using the example of the new Istanbul Airport.

After preliminary testing under the ORAT programme, the new Istanbul airport opened at the end of October last year – and all flights were transferred to the ORAT system.

After the final project’s completion in 2025, the new Istanbul airport will be capable of serving up to 200 million passengers per year, making it the largest in the world. Without the ORAT programme, the implementation of such a grandiose project would have been impossible.
The advantages of the ORAT approach lie in the versatility of its scope. The programme can and should be used not only for the launch of new airports, but also smaller projects such as for opening terminals or for other development works related to airports.

That is why delegates will look forward to the speech of Stefan M. Shvolgin and we invite you to join the 10th International Conference and Exhibition Airport of the Future.

Meanwhile, the 10th annual international Ground Handling Russia and CIS conference is changing its format, as it is to be incorporated into the Airport of the Future forum. As a result, the event will become a new platform for the exchange of experiences in airport ground operations, improving the efficiency of passenger and aircraft services, as well as latest technologies and innovations affecting that market. 

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