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Exhibitor's manual


ATO Events
Usacheva street, 35/1
119048, Moscow, Russia

 Tel.: +7 (495) 108-5143
World Trade Center
Congress Center, Entrance 4
Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 12
123610, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 258-1212



The Organizer shall bear no liability for any implications or damage resulting, whether directly or indirectly, from false, unclear, inaccurate or incomplete information provided in the application form or other details given by the Exhibitor. The Organizer reserves the right not to consider incomplete, inaccurate or delayed application forms.
The Organizer shall be entitled to change the location and the size of the stand, including after a relevant confirmation, should it be specifically interested in such measures.

The confirmation for the stand shall imply that all outstanding and due claims of the Organizer to the Exhibitor have been satisfied to the full extent.

The Organizer has the right to refuse the Participation of the company that has not paid the stand rental fee and\or has any debts from the previous exhibitions in its reasonable discretion
The obligation the Organizer to provide exhibition space to the Exhibitor shall be deemed performed when the Exhibitor is allowed to occupy the stand. The Exhibitor shall be allowed to occupy the stand no later than at the beginning of the Fair

If the registered and admitted Exhibitor fails to take part in the Fair for any reason whatsoever, the Organizer shall be entitled to unilaterally refuse to perform the contract and use the stand at its discretion. If the Organizer is unable to find another Exhibitor to use such stand, the Organizer shall be entitled to demand that the initial Exhibitor pay a contractual penalty in the full amount of the stand fee as well as to furnish the stand at the expense of the initial Exhibitor.

The Organizer shall not provide for insurance of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor is recommended to provide for sufficient insurance coverage.
Cleaning of exhibition space and aisles between stand will be made on the first day of Exhibition from 8.00 am to 9.00 am. After the cleaning it is not allowed to perform any works effecting dust and / or move out garbage.

Breaking penalties:
Large-dimension rubbish leaving at the place of mounting or dismantling 150$.
Using tracks, screws, paint, glue etc. while standard stands mounting 150$.
Leaving by builder not dismantled stand or its separate elements that need some extra labor expenditures for dismantling and utilization 600$.
Reduction of pass width and/or blocking of escape route 250$.
Smoking on the show-room territory 150$.


Before the exhibition

Date Target
Before 15 of January 2019
  1. Company profile for Official catalogue.
  2. Company name for fascia board /Graphics (Depending on stand package). Fill in "Exhibitor feedback and additional equipment rental form", to receive it please contact your manager.
  3. Names and titles of representatives from exhibitors. (1 delegate badge for each 6 sq.m.; additional delegates – 600$).
  4. Shall we build side walls of the stand (for corner and island stands)?

At extra charge:
  1. Submit an application for Russian business visa.
  2. Submit an application for Hansa-Messe-Speed freight forwarder services.
  3. Company logo on fascia board
Before 31 of January 2019 Deadline for Hotel booking at Crown Plaza at a special rate for MRO Russia & CIS participants. 
Before 1 of February 2019
  1. Fill in Exhibitor feedback form (contact your manager). Any orders made after 1 of February 2019 will be 100% extra charged.
  2. Send filled in and signed Memorandum of equipment importation /exportation.
  3. Full payment of exhibition stand and additional services/equipment.
  4. Book a transfer by special rate for event participants. 
  5. Deadline for transfer booking at a special rate for MRO Russia & CIS participants.


4 March of 201906:00 am – 06:00 pmPersonal stands building (exhibition space without shell scheme)
06:00 pm – 09:00 pmStands arrangement
06.00 pm – 08.00 pmRegistration (1st floor)
11.00 pmAll stands should be set up, cleaned and ready for check. Exhibition closes
Exhibition working hours 
5 of March 2019
08.30 am – 06.00 pmRegistration (1st floor)
07:00 am – 09:00 amExhibitors enter venue, equipment and materials delivery
09:30 am – 05:30 pmExhibition working hours
11.00 amOfficial Opening Ceremony
08.30 pm – 09.00 pmParticipants leave the venue. Exhibition closes.
Exhibition working hours
6 of March 2019
08.00 am – 04.00 pmRegistration (1st floor)
07:00 am – 09:00 amExhibitors enter venue, equipment and materials delivery
09:30 – 05:00 pmExhibition working hours
6 of March 2019
05:00 pmExhibition closes
05:00 pm Attendees leave the venue, dismantling
06:00 pm – 11:00 pmDismantling

* For mounting and dismantling of stand Exhibitor disposes fixed days before the start and after the end of exhibition. Mounting/dismantling works out of this time are allowed only on chargeable basis and only after preliminary written agreement with the Organizer.

After the end of dismantling memorandum of equipment importation/exportation have to be signed by show-room administrator. In case if exhibitor/builder leaves part of stand or rubbish after dismantling, penalty must be paid by company-participant.



Transport entrance onto the territory of World Trade Center can be made from the side of Krasnopresnenskaya embankment. To import the equipment you need to provide Memorandum of equipment exportation IN ADVANCE.

During stands installation (4th of March) and dismantling (6th of March) 2 hours of free parking is provided for exhibitors. While mounting vehicle entrance will be limited to provide carrier unloading. Time for carrier unloading – 45 minutes.

Parking: 1st hour costs 200 rubles, every next hour – 100 rubles. 1 day pass costs 700 rubles (up to 12 hours). Payment can be made at WTC service bureau, special pay desks or payment kiosks on the parking space.




Standard stand includes:
•Shell scheme (3 walls; each consists of wall panels: h2,5m x w1 m)
•Garbage basket
•One table and two chairs (for 6 sq.m.)/ one table and three chairs (for 9 sq.m.)/ one table and four chairs (for 12 and more sq.m.)
•Fascia board with company name (up to 25 characters)
•Power socket 220V
•1 delegate for each 6 sq.m. of exhibition space free of charge
•Exhibitor gets a discount for additional delegates
•Company profile in Russian and English appearing in official event booklet. (Up to 1.500 characters and official web-site address. Materials should be provided before February 1, 2016. If the information received after this date the Organizers cannot guarantee its publication.)


* Stand booth dimentions (6 sq m). Depth – 2 m, hight – 2,5 m, front – 3 m
**Fascia board dimentions (6 sq m). Hight – 30 cm, front – 3 m
We draw your attention to the fact that a representative of the company must be at the place in time of building (personal building) and stand mounting. It’ll considerably lighten solution of disputable problems and will help our employees to follow your wishes while stand mounting.



Allowed kinds of materials for stand mounting:

Forbidden to use:
- tracks/screws
- stapler
- paint
- pin
- glue
Permitted to use:
- mounting band
- sticky tape
- blue tack

Please, adjust with your builder, transport agent and other suppliers the order of unloading and back loading, as well as equipment and rubbish exportation. Package keeping at stands is not allowed in emergency cases.



TehQuest Company LLC is specialized in engineering, design and production of show booths and turnkey
Harmonious combination of module and exclusive elements allows us to create state-of-the art booths and expositions .Our production department is equipped with full scale of tools and personnel to make your ideas come true.
We will be glad to support your company!

Maria Uvarova
Head of management Department 
mob. +7 (905) 797-7884 
tel. +7 (495) 645-3822



List of documents for 380V electrical connection (to be supplied to Electrical Engineering Service of World Trade Centre, Moscow):

1.Insulation resistance certificate
2.Electrical scheme showing the power consumption
3.The license for the ongoing work (copy)
4.Order for appointment of the person responsible for the electricity at the event
5.Copy of ID of employees engaged in equipment installation appointed by Exhibitor
6.Certificate of responsibility distribution (provided by Electrical Engineering Service signed by World Trade Centre and the person responsible for the electricity at the event)



Non-flammable and fire resistant materials should be used for the booth construction.
All flammable materials must be treated fire-retarding composition (should be submitted relevant to regulations and copies of licenses by subcontractors who carry out fire-retardant treatment).
In case of fire safety violation Fire Safety Authority impose penalties in accordance with the established procedure pursuant to the applicable law.



The company Expotrans is the General freight forwarder of the exhibition and provides delivery, customs clearance and cargo handling at the exhibition.
To get information about tariffs, terms of delivery, filling of documents, rules of customs clearance, please contact the office of Expotrans.

To obtain rates and further information, please contact:

Olga Serjantova 
phone: +7 (903) 286-5608

Philipp Kazovskiy 



Official catalogue will be published by the exhibition. Exhibitor must provide inclusion of proper information for catalogue by sending presentation text about the company in Russian and English languages, its size should be up to 1500 signs with gaps in each language, and also official web-page address.
In case if information for catalogue about Exhibitor is not received by Organizer in time till 1st February 2019, Organizer has right to include information about Exhibitor on his own with a view to provide fullness of the catalogue, following personal Organizer’s data or data from last year exhibition catalogue, not being responsible for propriety of such data.


Exhibitor-companies representatives have the access to event catering areas. 
Time of coffee-breaks, lunches and official buffet is pointed out in event official program. 
Location of catering areas will be indicated on the final variant of exposition. 

Moreover a few restaurants work on the territory of exhibition complex:
Japanese restaurant "Makoto"
Restaurant "Fusion Plaza"
Costa Coffee

If you’re interested in organizing catering at your stand, you may contact:
Svetlana Klishina
Catering Manager
Food & Beverage Department
Tel.: +7 (495) 258 15 00 
Mob.: +7 926 966 41 77
12 Krasnopresnenskaya emb., 
Moscow, 123610, Russia


Price of stand mounting includes the cost of general security of show-room. In time of mounting/dismantling pavilions are closed by security according to "Exhibition work schedule". 

Your stand (valuable exhibits, as well as laptops, mobile phones, personal things etc.) must be under supervision of your employees all the time when show-rooms are opened (also in time of mounting/dismantling). Organizers and administration of World Trade Center are not responsible for losses happened in time of exhibition working. 



Crowne Plaza Moscow - World Trade Centre
The information regarding hotel booking will be available shortly. Please inform the Organizing Committee if you need accommodation.



For booking a transfer contact the sales manager of Crown Plaza
Valeria Kutova



ATO Events 
Usacheva street, 35/1 
119048, Moscow, Russia 
Tel.: +7 (495) 108-5143 

NAMEContact Details
Anna Chernikova
Sales Manager, Exhibition
+7 (967) 241-9156
Alina Alekseeva
Sales Manager, Exhibition
+7 (903) 561-6519
Irina Osipova
+7 (903) 263-0281
Victoria Lomani
Head of Operations Department
+7 (964) 539-8365
Olga Rybak 
+7 (903) 797-7528


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ATO Events
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