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MARKETING POINT. Strategy: Winning & Retaining Customers 2018
MARKETING POINT. Strategy: Winning & Retaining Customers 2018
2nd international conference
Location: Date:May 15-16, 2018
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Every marketing expert knows what marketing strategy is and what marketing communications are. Strategy building is usually accomplished by defining key directions that will be able to provide the maximum of business growth. The communications market is highly dynamic while strategic decision making always implies new incoming information and newly emerging strategic development goals.  

One business day of the conference will allow you to make your way of creating your marketing strategy and adjust it to new market conditions together with representatives of key FMCG/Retail players, as well as experts from financial, industrial, telecom, transport, IT and other sectors. The conference will provide an opportunity to share experience and ideas and discuss both successful and non-successful cases, and also get inspired by presentations and improve your skills in building efficient marketing strategies. 
At the conference preparation stage, we cooperate with key experts (logo variant) 
Key industry experts, well-known marketing experts from various business spheres and representing major Russian and foreign companies actively contribute to the drafting of the conference program. 

1 day

  • 30+ presentations
  • 300+ participants;

The conference program is focused on key trends and marketing strategy building experience along the stages:
Current status analysis and future outlooks;
Audience targeting;
Key marketing communication channels. Trends technologies, efficiency;
Loyalty and basic customer retention instruments;
Marketing strategy aspects. Efficiency and money conversion.

The conference program includes 3D-focus over the precise topic of client-company-platform relationships. 

Other topics that require a more in-depth analysis will be introduced by representatives of major business schools and communication agencies through a series of webinars:

We are focused on quality and detailed concept tailoring in order to gather the best speaker and marketing experts every single year at our venue. The Marketing Point Conference is for those who is eager to continue the professional growth and does that together with us. 

Conference audience: CEOs and specialists in

marketing and marketing communications,
PR and advertisement,
brand promotion,
development and strategy,
everyone who is willing to optimize financial expenses by using advanced marketing instruments 

Attend the event to:

enhance your brand and expand your presence and geography
convert clients into brand advocates
improve your skills in generating, supporting and developing long-term partner relations with clients 
exchange techniques and instruments that help shape efficient communication policy.
create really working ad campaigns 
achieve maximum effect for business development applying advanced marketing instruments


«The conference has an intensive program and brilliant speakers from Russian and international companies and is a must-attend event for successful marketing experts. The great thing – I got acquainted with interesting people easily thanks to the special networking session and the social feed which was in real time displayed on the screen»Dina Prusova, head of B2B projects, Samsung Enterprise Business Team.

«..To my mind, the first customer experience event turned out to be rather decent. The list of speakers was good, the level of organization is high, and there were many interesting participants representing various industry sectors. It was interesting and useful to attend your event! Hope you will develop this project further on»Vladislav Andreev, strategic partnership leader, Nielsen.




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Sergey Sinyagin
Lluis Martinez-Ribes
Ajit Sivadasan
Artur Bortsov
Arseny Ulanov
Piotr Rozanski


«Let my thank you for the perfectly organized and conducted conference. The list of speakers was rather impressive, all topics were real-life oriented»Vitaliy Zhigarev, lead marketing manager, «HC Mosstroytransgaz».

«Thanks very much for arranging the conference! It was a great pleasure to attend the event!»Alexey Ovchinnikov, head of software development department, Cislink.

«A large-scale event and a phenomenal result. High level content and speakers»Dmitry Agishev, head of corporate relations and marketing department, Deutsche Bank.


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