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Transport Logistics and Trucking 2018
Transport Logistics and Trucking 2018
2nd international conference & exhibition
Location: Moscow, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Date:March 27–28, 2018
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Report about conference 2018


3rd international conference & exhibition, March 27–28, 2018


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Moscow, March 29, 2018 the 2 nd International Conference TRANSPORT LOGISTICS AND TRUCKING 2018 was held at the Renaissance Congress Center Moscow Monarch Center.

The conference was attended by 200+ delegates, including representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the largest industry associations, leading companies in the automotive freight and road industries. 20+ companies took part in the Technological Innovations in Motor Transport Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Automotive Equipment exhibition.

Among the participants, leader in the market: 


“TRANSPORT LOGISTICS AND TRUCKING 2018 Conference and the activities of the Interindustry Expert Council for the Development of the Truck Automobile and Road Industry are gaining momentum. This event is a serious platform for searching solutions for the industry, and I hope that in the future it will only develop, "- said Nikolay Asaul, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation.


20+ companies took part in the conference demo-zone

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Transport-logistic companies
Regulatory officials
Law and consulting companies
Maintenance and repair service providers
Banks and leasing companies

30+ experts in the conference agenda  

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The first day of the conference was devoted to improving the transparency of the trucking market and its regulation. A vigorous debates were brought about by the panel discussion "An Integrated Approach to Market Regulation," at which participants passed opinions, sometimes diametrically opposed views to regulatory issues. At the same time, no one disputed the core message - the market should become transparent, with equal conditions and working rules for all its participants for the industry development.
In further sessions and panel discussions, the issues of organizing weighty vehicle control and the role of insurance in market self-regulation were considered in more detail.

200+ attendees 

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The second day was dedicated to the digitalization of the trucking industry in Russia and, in particular, to a comprehensive discussion of the prospects for the introduction of the electronic consignment note in the freight transport industry.  Conference delegates got an offing to be made aware of the legal base, experience in creation and application of electronic document circulation in the system of railway and air transport. Participants’ exchange of views in the discussion made it possible to identify the potential effect of introducing electronic consignment note not only for motor vehicles, but also for the economy as a whole. Critical points were identified on the way of introduction of electronic consignment note and the time prospects for its wide use in the industry were estimated.

95% recommend to attend the conference 97% plan to attend the next conference

"This year conference turned out to be extremely informative and largely reflected the position of market participants on key issues of its development. A new element of the conference was an exhibition in which more than 20 exhibitors took part. I very hope that the autumn conference, called ROAD FREIGHT TRANSPORT: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES 2018, will become even larger and more meaningful both in the part of the conference and the exhibition." 
Boris Rybak, Chairman of the Interindustry Expert Council for the Development of the Truck Automobile and Road Sector 

Excellent Conference, many important details were touched upon in the framework of panel discussions, legislative aspects of motor transport activities. Also, a live dialogue of ministries and departments with entrepreneurs and companies working in this field is supported. Many thanks to the organizers!
                         Ivan Golovko, Küne + Nagel.

The second time I participate in the event. I want to note its usefulness from the point of view of the competences of the speakers and the problems they concern. Perhaps the only event of this kind, where you can seriously talk about transport insurance (without advertising overtones) and share with the industry hot-button.
                          Andrey Romanov, SC Rosgosstrakh 

As one of the leading transport and logistics operators in Russia in the field of trucking, is certainly interested in the further development of the industry in accordance with the most modern domestic and world technological and technical standards. The past Conference provided an opportunity to visually and widely demonstrate the practical and theoretical preconditions of such development existing in our transport community.
                         Andrei Brashkin, Sovtransavto Group of Companies

The Conference exceeded my expectations. I really liked the composition of the speakers and the enthusiasm of the audience in the hall. I wish the industry as often as possible, as at this event, to conduct a dialogue. Many questions are not solved, because they are not adequately discussed by the right people in one place.
                        Vladimir Tian, Sovtransavto

I liked good organization, the opportunity to convey my thoughts to the transport community and be heard, and most importantly, the right thoughts expressed by the conference participants will be subsequently implemented in proposals that will be subsequently made within the Ministry of Transport. I wish enough said was brought to life on the conference basis of performance.
                       Alexander Lashkevich, GC Business Lines 

Interviews with participants


The 2nd international conference and exhibition TRANSPORT LOGISTICS AND TRUCKING 2018 was organized by the portal "Trucks and Roads" and ATO Events company with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Interindustry Expert Council for the Development of the Truck Automobile and Road Industry. The event Partners were the companies:

Presentations were made by

Nikolay Asaul, 
Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation 


Alexander Lashkevich, 
«Business Lines»


Irina Novikova, 
GEFCO Russia


Vladimir Tian, 


Elana Ignatenkova, 

Alexander Eliseev, 


Alexey Dvoinykh, 


Roman Unikov, 

Thank to sponsors





Fond DTP 




If you want to access the presentations, please contact the project coordinator: Irina Osipova, mob: +7 (903) 263-0281, e-mail:

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