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Road Freight Transport Award
Road Freight Transport Award
1st award ceremony
Location: Moscow Date:Septenber 7, 2017
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Road freight transport plays key role in the national economy. In 2016, the road transport sector handled more than 5 billion tons of various cargo. Its share in the national transportation industry exceeds 65%. 
Today one fourth of the country’s external turnover is provided by motor transport. Last year Russia issued 1.5 million of road transport licenses. According to expert estimates the industry employs in excess of one million people.  
The Award is established as an initiative of the professional and public community to serve as an independent and unbiased instrument to evaluate the operational activities of market players and acknowledge their achievements. 

The National Road Freight Transport Award is established to:
  • create the national rating of road transport companies 
  • acknowledge the best companies in the industry 
  • promote the best business development practices
  • foster the industry’s most advanced management methods and production technologies 
  • credit the most prominent experts 
  • support young talents and engineers 
  • generally improve the image of the industry 

  • Depending on the current industry priorities in the award-year, the list of nominations is subject to change, which is reflected in the Terms of References and shall be approved by the Advisory Board. Currently, following nominations are under consideration:
  • Commercial Transporter of the Year 
  • Own Cargo Transporter of the Year 
  • Logistics Company – Road Transporter of the Year 
  • Private Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Discovery of the Year
  • Breakthrough of the Year
  • Ahead of Time

We invite industry associations, automotive manufacturers, insurance companies, banks, investment funds and development institutes to become partners of the Award. 

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