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Wings of the Future 2017
Wings of the Future 2017
15th Eurasian air transport forum
Location: Moscow, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Date:November 1–2, 2017
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Eurasian aviation as well as global air transport is about to reach a new stage of the worldwide transformation. An overcoming wave of digital technology will totally change understanding of air travel on both sides of the apron. Devaluating classic model of air traffic management will be replaced by a dynamic intelligent global system. Searching for alternative fuels and new types of aircraft propulsion will give an impulse to create new generation of aircraft. Geopolitical changes, development of globalization, labor diversification and international cooperation that started at the end of the XX century will radically change business landscape in Eurasian region and the rest of the world.

Wings of the Future has naturally succeeded to the Wings of Russia Forum, the most significant Eurasian air transport summit held over the last two decades. Wings of the Future will become a place where leading international experts, aviation market players and trend-setters, aerospace scientists will share their brand new and probably provocative opinions about upcoming changes in development of different sectors of civil aviation.  

Wings of the Future.

Key topics of the Forum in 2016

  • Eurasian development trends: economy and economic relations, demography and air traffic
  • Digital transformation of the air transport: crashing the borders
  • New faces for the air transport: who and where will become Elon Musk in aviation
  • Air traveler of the future: Who is he? How to gain customer’s sympathy and trust?
  • Whom Open Skies will open for?
  • Airline business models: vectors of evolution
  • Infrastructure modernization: does more expensive mean better?
  • Flight safety: new invasion of bureaucracy?
  • Aviation security: how technology can serve travelers
  • Organization of air traffic: from the Earth to open space
  • Aircraft of the future: how will it look like?

The Future starts today!

Among speakers of the Forum in 2016

Cathy Buyck,
Aviation Week and Aviation Daily

Giorgio Callegari,
Aeroflot — Russian Airlines

Jens Flottau,
Aviation Week

Mark Gilbert,

Neil Harris,

Scott Holland,

Arjan Meijer,

Игорь Колов,
Rosneft Aero

Participants testimonials

“It’s a topical, up-to-date, interesting and motivating event”
Vladimir Andreev, the Russian Air Transport Operators Association

“The highest level of the organization, representative attendees”
Grigory Terekhin,

“The event is of current importance as never before!”
Dmitry Kukanov, AZUR air

"High-profiled community and networking platform"
Andrey Girin, Volga-Dnepr Group

“The organization is on the highest level. I hope the thoughts and ideas produced at the event will be realized in the near future”
Rustam Khakimov, Meridian Airlines

Audience of the Forum in 2016


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